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Personal training

Having a personal coach is the best way if you want to increase your sport performance, get ready for an event, change your body shape or simply improve your fitness. Every training program and session is tailored to your needs and personal capabilities.

You can expect life changing results from it; you will become fitter, stronger physically and mentally, which helps to develop your self-confidence and your body shape. It’s a way of ensuring you work harder, get quicker results and avoid cheating on your diet or missed workouts.

We all have different needs and availability, get in touch, so we can find the best options for you.

Hybrid Training

For those who are confident training on their own and just need a programme to get the structure and direction they need to keep progressing. It includes a monthly one-to-one session to update the routine and discuss the focus point for the weeks ahead, and regular check ins for support and accountability.

Personal Training is currently available in London, UK. Get in touch for more info on locations and prices.

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Diet guidance

A well-balanced diet is fundamental for everyone. Whether you are a recreational gym user or an elite athlete, improving your diet will increase your performance. If you want to achieve the best outcomes from your training, a good diet is crucial.

As a base line, I offer diet guidance to my clients where I teach the importance of having a balanced diet and together we work on creating sustainable eating habits and a well-balanced lifestyle. I also share a booklet about good and bad foods, recipes and easy tricks that can make your journey easier.

For those who are looking to take a step further we work more in detail:

  • Sample meal plans based on needs and foods you enjoy
  • Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle with optimal macronutrient distribution
  • Supplementation plan: in some cases supplements are recommended to cover daily needs, increase performance and fasten recovery

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"I started my training knowing nothing about exercise and with a very negative outlook on my ability. Adam has changed that for me so much so that I now enjoy going to the gym (something that I never thought would happen!). He is always a great motivator and makes each session enjoyable. He makes sure that (for a newbie like me) you start with the basics so that you always engage the correct muscles and so when I exercise by myself I know that I am not going to cause myself injury. Adam tailors each exercise so that it has the maximum impact it can on you – it’s tough and leaves you sore but soon you learn to love the burn as it signifies you are accomplishing something. Not only has he improved my fitness but also my diet by giving me advice and meal plans, which has been tough to stick to but is completely worth it for the results I have seen. I can only sing praises for Adam – he really is everything you could want in a PT – motivating, knowledgeable and great fun to be around!"


"I have been training with Adam for several months and have seen a great change in both my body shape and my flexibility. He works me hard and are fun at the same time. I enjoy my sessions and see them as improving my health and well being, though I probably laugh too much at various points."

Wendy (64)

"Adam is the most reliable person I have ever met. I have been training with him with for more than 16 months now and he is proven to be an exceptional and passionate Personal Trainer. With his guidance I achieved multiple fitness goals so far. Very approachable, shows respect to the other person and always goes the extra mile. I can only recommend Adam as he has got a professional approach to all areas in life."

Bess (25)

"Adam has not only motivated me but changed the profile of my daily life. He has provided outstanding nutritional advice, there is something about his approach that is encouraging and about setting standards that are worth striving for. His intensity to achieve targets and goals really works for me. Adam is a personal trainer that cares and goes the extra mile for his clients."

Ian (46)

"In the competitive field of PT, Adam stands out as an exceptional trainer. He is professional at all times and gives you his undivided attention when training. He always keeps your goals in mind and is creative in the programs he puts together. If he sees you on the gym floor he'll check out how you're getting on. He's not just a trainer during the hour session. Adam is great at keeping you motivated and pushes you to the right level without being intimidating. He can offer nutritional advice, and you really will see and feel a difference in your fitness levels after a few months. I unhesitatingly recommend him as a PT."

Declan (45)

"I got the chance to work with Adam over the course of two years at Twist gym in Sutton. In that time not only did he become a very good friend but also training with him and watching him train others you quickly realise this guy 100 per cent knows what he's doing.
He will push you to places you won't want to go and you'll want to curse him when three days after your session you still can't walk but you know he has pushed you to what you thought your limits were and beyond!
I can't praise him enough from his dedication to making sure you succeed to the fact he's also a great down to earth guy who doesn't need gimmicks or easy quick sell diets to make sure all his clients succeed and get what they deserve."

Will (24)
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Distance coaching

Distance coaching is an exciting new way to offer life changing and result driven coaching to clients. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience and flexibility to all. Regular check ins, training program updates and educational videos help individuals every step on their journey. Whether you want to train for an event, improve your fitness or change your body shape, we have a proven record to deliver results through a few easy steps.

Initial Assessment

  • Fully dissect your goals and a plan to get there
  • Discuss your lifestyle, health history and physical capabilities

Custom Training Program

  • Multiple training phases to expedite progress; adequate frequency and volume to earn full potential
  • Optimal programming: order of exercises, number of sets and reps, tempo and rest periods
  • Video tutorials to exercises

Motivation & Accountability

  • Regular updates to ensure your program is on point
  • Log sheets for tracking both diet and training effort
  • Full support - You will never feel “alone” or “helpless” in this process

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