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I turned to Adam because my excess weight was causing me back pain and emotional distress. I also had plantar fascia and a hand injury which limited my choices of exercise in the gym.

He designed a program that promotes lifelong habits and routines: staying active, eating good and keeping hydrated. This allowed me to lose 4 dress sizes, from an 18 to a 10 in just a few months. I now jog outside or on the treadmill and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years. I’m in my late 40s, I’m full of energy and the backache is gone.

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“Training with him and watching him train others you quickly realise this guy 100 percent knows what he’s doing. I can’t praise him enough from his dedication to making sure you succeed to the fact he’s also a great down to earth guy who doesn’t need gimmicks or easy quick sell diets to make sure all his clients succeed and get what they deserve.” – Will

I started working with Adam with a bulged disc history and a labrum tear in my hip. We worked on strength training, along with mobility and hip stabilisation exercises I managed to complete my Ironman race without any pain.

Jane K.


Adam has got a high technical knowledge about your body and every single muscle function. Apart from the obvious progress I’ve learnt to understand how my body works and the way it relates to my mind.

Jorge G.

Software Developer

Not only did he give me new ways to do exercises without pain, he explained to me why I was hurting. He adjusted my patterns of movement. I have become more aware of how to move safely and I have become stronger.

Claudia R.

Yoga Practitioner

Amanda McGinnisAmanda McGinnis
09:18 02 Feb 23
I’ve been training with Adam for 4 months and absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to take their training to the next level.I’ve found that with other personal trainers the exercises are generalised and the focus is on aesthetics. With Adam, sessions are personalised and focused on strength, mobility, breathing, posture and alignment - and he ties everything back to your specific goals.He’s very knowledgeable about the human body and how to get the most from each movement. He explains things in a way that makes it “click” and it’s easy to bring them into other routines. He also includes lots of really interesting resources on his website. 10/10!
Karthick SamyKarthick Samy
20:49 23 Jan 23
I have been training with Adam for about 8+ months now, the longest I trained with any PT. Reason being, it simply works. He is very attentive and observant throughout our session. He provides continuous feedback and corrects the mistakes by actually showing what they are through pictures and videos of me working out. This greatly helps to learn and implement faster. He understands my strengths and limits to help me progress in my training. So far I am able to see the results and it has been a great partnership
Ffion WilliamsFfion Williams
15:25 05 Dec 22
When I started going to the gym I only wanted to be able to run for the bus without getting out of breath and have a stronger back as that type of injury is common to my profession. And when I approached Adam after some classes I had no idea what to expect from a personal trainer, 2 (ish) years later and he has completely changed my perspective on exercise, movement and mobility.Throughout a mixture of group classes, one to one and online sessions he starts with a foundation of basics and then builds at a pace which is manageable for my lifestyle but continues to be challenging. If you are looking for someone to stand over you and shout numbers and reps for an hour and then leave he is not the right person. Instead you are taught how to carry out a movement properly, without causing injury, the mechanics behind it of how your body functions so that you have the tools and autonomy to be able to train and improve for yourself. He is engaging, educating and patient and has never not known the answer to my questions but will not do the work for you. Outside of sessions he makes time to answer questions, give support and regularly checks in with progress.For me personally my training has been structured around achieving a particular skill, starting with monkey bars, pull ups then headstands and handstands. Adam then created a plan with specific exercises so that I could then be flexible enough, have the strength and then be able to control the movement. Although weight loss was not really a goal for me, with this training alongside group classes which have also progressed over time, my fitness levels and body shape have improved as a by-product.Even though his training style is designed to increase your ability at being able to exercise well, independently, it is a testament to him that myself and other clients have trained and stayed with him long-term. There is always something new to learn and challenge you and Adam will be one step ahead in planning it for you.
Declan HamiltonDeclan Hamilton
13:43 04 Apr 22
I have trained with Adam since October 2014 - definitely one of the best investments I have made. He is very skilful at understanding how your body (as an individual) functions, and working steadily to improve you, and to undo all the bad habits we get into over the years. He is always professional, and he really knows what he is doing. You won't regret training with Adam.
15:51 28 Oct 19
I love training with Adam. He’s really knowledgeable, passionate about his job, great at tailoring the program to your needs and quick at picking up wrong patterns/weaknesses and providing the right exercises to address them.I was very keen in understanding the way our body works and the way to engage the right muscles for specific objectives and get results. It was so fascinating to learn how many things I’ve been getting wrong while thinking I was training properly. Every session is so enlightening and I've been learning so much until now. I would highly recommend Adam. You will see amazing improvements in the way you train. Wish I had known Adam before.

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