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Movement Series

Learn everything about basic movements in this weekly series. Understand the mechanics, work on your range of motion, and scale the movement to any level.

Movements include the pull up, push up, deadlift, squat, lunge, planking, crunches, running, some common yoga and stretching positions like a downward facing dog.

Product Description

There are many ways to do a movement and we are not here to judge anybody on how they perform a push up. However, it's necessary to understand that there are ways that can make us better and there are ways that can harm us. In this series, the goal is to introduce and teach a simple movement or exercise in great depth, so the practitioner can make better decisions on which way to practice the movement.

Generally speaking, we need to what an exercise we do is for. We need to know what joints work during that exercise. The range of motion of those joints will determine which way the movement can be performed. We need to be aware of what's happening in the rest of the body and which muscles and areas we should feel while moving.

We are all different yet we are all similar. Whether you lean forward a little more in a squat or not could be a question of the shape of the hip joint. But whether we lose the stability of the spine or not during a heavy squat has nothing to do with those anatomical differences but our trained habits.

In this series, a practitioner will learn to think differently and practice a new approach that will make exercising safe and effective.

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