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Problem Solver

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Product Description

Do you ever wonder:
- why foam rolling doesn't make a long-lasting change?
- why your glutes don't activate even after years of doing all the tricks with the rubber band?
- if it's really inevitable to have sore joints and stiff muscles after having been playing sports or visiting a gym for a long time?
- if the massage/chiropractor is the best and only option to reduce unwanted stiffness in your body?
- if there is a simple solution for your problems that you might be missing?

Are you hooked yet? No!? Let me translate it to a clickbait version:
- Does your back / hip / knee / ankle / shoulder / elbow / wrist / (insert your problem here) hurt? This one course will help you get rid of it in 2 minutes.
- Are you constantly stiff in any areas? This one course will help you loosen up in 2 minutes.
- Have you given up on something because you believed you can't correct your problems? This one course will get you back on track in 2 minutes.
- Do you want larger / stronger / more toned and defined muscles? Bigger bum?! Better bench?! To run faster?! This course will teach you how to do just that in 2 minutes.

But jokes aside, seriously. We do all that. Problem Solver is a 2 hour small group session, where each individual shares a problem and gets a solution for it. This interactive course is for people who have experience in any kind of training and have a basic level of understanding of the human body. Most importantly, it is for individuals who WANT TO make a change and are willing to learn and practice.

In this session we go through how the body is built, how the brain moves the body, what's the order of importance when approaching any kind of issue, establish a template and provide a toolbox to troubleshoot the problems and specifically spend time on YOUR movement-related question.

Important to note that this one session itself may not solve your problem immediately but will highlight the root of it so you can pay close attention to the details and correct the faults.

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