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Spine Protocols

Course date: 03 January – 27 February 2022

A completely live course with a mixture of in-person and online sessions where you can learn about the spine.

Theory. Individual assessments. Practicals. Workouts and extra video tutorials.

Product Description

When it comes to the human body and movements, organizing the spine and its surrounding systems is the most important and number one goal. Without that, everything else will be compromised. This is a course for dedicated individuals who want to improve their everyday life and athletic capabilities, are eager to deepen their knowledge about the human body and learn new perspectives.

A correctly organized spine (trunk) is durable, capable of transferring forces, and is protecting the organs. When we have some discomfort, pain or injury somewhere on the legs or arms, it’s unfortunate, but probably we can get on with it. When we have lower back pain, we seem to be a lot more careful about everything. It is because our body knows that the nervous system injuries and problems are viral threats to the organism.

Even without experiencing any discomfort, the spine is potentially the cause behind the loss of force production. We know from everyday life and physics that a curved object is not as reliable when it comes to handling loads as a straight one would be – just think about how much would you trust a building that is standing on curved and unstable beams.

This course will introduce and improve all physical characteristics of the spine. You will not only learn about its physiology but will practice various techniques, exercises, and work on many components of fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, etc.).

The course will explain and help you improve common posture-related topics:
– poor posture, headaches and the heads falling forward
– musculoskeletal pain and problems (rounded shoulders, hunch back, back pain)
– body height
– shortness of breath
– core stability & sick pack
– force production and athletic skills

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