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Tissue health & Body awareness – Online Program

Discover a complete online program that provides 30-minute follow-along videos to help you improve your tissue health, joint mobility, breathing mechanics, and body awareness.

Our comprehensive program promotes an overall sense of well-being, leaving you feeling lighter, more relaxed, and ready to take on life without physical limitations or discomfort. Suitable for everyone, our program requires minimal to no equipment, and is easily scalable to adjust to your current level.

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Product Description

In addition to improving tissue health and mobility, our program also emphasizes the importance of body awareness and mindfulness. The concepts learned in our lessons can be applied not only to everyday activities but to weight training or a yoga practice also as they can enhance your performance and deepen your understanding of the movements. Through the 15 hours of video lessons, you will gain a better understanding of why stiffness occurs, the benefits of holding positions for a specific duration, how to feel the stretch better, and the significance of breathing, relaxation, and awareness in any kind of bodily work.

Collectively the videos cover the whole body but each of them focuses on a particular area or approach. Some of the more common ideas group around the areas such as:
– spine
– neck, traps, shoulder, arms
– lower back, hips
– legs, foot

All classes follow a similar structure:
– a 10 minute soft tissue work (self-massage, trigger point release, gliding surface restoration, etc.)
– a 15-18 minute stretch routine (a combination of passive and active stretch positions)
– 2-5 minute breathwork (box breathing, alternate nostril breathing, left/right side breathing, nervous system downregulation, etc.)

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